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Preconstruction Services

Before your project vision can become a reality, you need a comprehensive preconstruction evaluation.

Stafford Builders & Consultants provides expert preconstruction services to customers in Middle Georgia. Our administrative professionals and contractors have decades of experience guiding customers through the preconstruction phase. We will evaluate your needs, create a budget, and recommend wise plans of action.

We’re experienced working with first-time customers who have never undertaken a commercial construction project before. You can count on us to answer your questions while navigating each phase of the project.

Partner With the Construction Planning Experts

Teamwork is key to a successful preconstruction phase.

Stafford Builders & Consultants’ in-house team of contractors and planning experts have seen it all. We bring in the best of the best to evaluate and plan for your project. Before a shovel ever hits the dirt, our team consults with the area’s top architects, engineers, and subcontractors to explore your project scope and vision.

When you choose Stafford Builders & Consultants, Inc. for preconstruction, you’re choosing a team that’s committed to making your vision a reality.

Covered brick area with concrete walkways.

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What We Evaluate During Preconstruction


Before we even begin to consider construction budgets, we need to evaluate the project’s feasibility. The evaluation answers the question, “Is it possible to complete this project on this land?”

During this preconstruction phase, we evaluate your site and see what is feasible based on several factors, including site condition and local regulations. Our team consults with local zoning boards and business development committees to discover requirements for traffic, utilities, and more.

We also consult with experienced engineers, architects, and subcontractors to explore project feasibility, helping you know what to expect once construction starts.


Once we determine the constructability of your project, we evaluate your budget and create a comprehensive plan. Our team requests quotes from trusted subcontractors for various project phases, ensuring you know exactly what you’re paying for.

We coordinate with your finance team, as construction loans are often contingent upon completing the project according to specific requirements. You can trust us to consider every detail and communicate the project budget to your team for final evaluation.

Common Questions We Answer During Preconstruction

Our Preconstruction Projects

Outside view of a building with lofts on the corner of a street.

Cherry Street Lofts

View Project
A tall brick church building with covered entry way.

Bibb Mt. Zion Church

View Project
A concrete concession area with tables and roofs over the tables.

Freedom Park Phase II

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