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Technology and Project Management

Just 10 to 20 years ago, builders and contractors did all their job estimates longhand on yellow legal pads. Today we have a wide array of tools at our disposal: Estimating software, document management software, project planning software, tablets, and smartphones, to name a few.

We love any tool that lets us serve our clients better and with more efficiency. Sometimes that yellow legal pad is still the best tool in our toolbox, but we also take full advantage of new technologies when they truly improve our processes.

One way technology benefits our clients is that we are able to easily record, track, organize, and archive all documentation throughout a project. This makes it easy to submit reports, history, and other information clients often need for their own accounts and records.  We are able to provide this information quickly and accurately using the powerful software applications available today.

Software has also greatly improved the accuracy and speed with which we are able to write an estimate for a job. This helps us meet our clients’ needs on their timelines, so they’re not left waiting weeks or months for an estimate. Compared to the older methods (all longhand, or using Microsoft Excel templates), the estimate process is greatly improved.

Smartphones and tablets have revolutionized so many industries and nearly every aspect of our lives. The construction industry is no exception. Twenty years ago, builders who came across a problem or concern that required the project architect’s attention would need to call the architect; schedule a time for all necessary parties to visit the site; and physically meet there to discuss the problem. Today any builder can pull out his or her phone, snap a picture, and send it to the architect or other stakeholders instantly.

At Stafford Builders, we are dedicated to providing the best possible service to each and every client. We make it a priority to learn and use new technologies as they arise, furthering our goal of constantly improving our service to clients.