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Sustainable Construction Practices

“Sustainable construction” and “green building” are quite the buzz words thrown around by contractors and developers, but can they tell you what they mean?  Saying “green” and being “green” are two different things.  At Stafford Builders, we don’t just say we are “green,” we have a proven track record of being “green.”

The current trend in building more energy efficient and environmentally sustainable buildings can trace its roots to the Energy Crisis and environmental pollution concerns of the 1960s and 1970s.  Since then, the term “green” has been used and misused by political interest groups, but there is little debate that reducing the overall impact of the built environment on human health and the natural environment is a good thing.

At Stafford Builders, we take both the effect of what we build on human health and the impact of what we build on the natural environment seriously.  That is why we are a certified EarthCraft Builder.  The certified EarthCraft program was developed by the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association in 1999 to specifically address the challenging energy, water and climate conditions of the Southeast.

The Hunt School Village is one project that Stafford Builders is constructing under the EarthCraft Multifamily Certification Program guidelines.  This project integrates the restoration and repurposing of existing buildings with cost-effective new construction that is energy, water and resource efficient.  The final result keeps tons of construction debris out of landfills, breathes new life into an abandoned school and provides 60 new apartments for low-income seniors.

In addition to the EarthCraft Multifamily Certification, Stafford utilizes other green building certification programs.  Bayside Village and Third Neighborhood, housing complexes that provide permanent supportive housing for individuals with a chronic mental health diagnosis and special physical needs of the chronically mentally ill, were built using the U.S. Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star Version 3 program.

Stafford Builders is proud of its sustainable construction practices because we are proud of the buildings we build and the customers we serve.  Far from being just a buzz word, Stafford Builders has invested in sustainable construction certifications and has a proven track record of implementing sustainable construction practices throughout its building portfolio.