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Stafford Staff Spotlight: Kesia Stafford

Not everyone gets to have a job that brings them personal fulfillment and satisfaction, but that’s exactly how Kesia Stafford feels about her job.  As Contract Administrator for Stafford Builders, she has the opportunity to walk with clients through the entire building process.  When asked what the most enjoyable part of her job is, Kesia said, “Being a part of delivering what a person has dreamed up is a blessing.”

Being a Contract Administrator is a demanding job, and Kesia plays a key role during each phase of the project, from the pre-construction bidding process to post-construction payments and warranty fulfillment.  Yet for Kesia, managing all these responsibilities is rewarding because she enjoys seeing a project go from a dream to completion.

Kesia’s work experience is an exciting story of how Stafford Builders saw her potential, took a special interest in her and developed her talents.  When she joined Stafford Builders in August 2000, Kesia was hired as an administrative assistant and receptionist.  From the beginning, President Shawn Stafford believed in Kesia’s potential and nurtured her abilities.  He showed her the different elements to a project, taught her how to read and decipher project plans, and mentored her by allowing her to hear, see, and participate in learning the construction business.

As Stafford Builders grew as a business, Kesia’s responsibilities grew.  Initially, Stafford did a lot of church construction work.  As Stafford Builders expanded into government work, Kesia was in a position to manage the greater demands (and paperwork) that come with government contracts.

Kesia enjoys working on a variety of Stafford projects, but bringing beauty out of “diamonds in the rough” is particularly satisfying.  One of those projects is the Henry A. Hunt School Village.  Not only is the Hunt School Village project revitalizing a closed elementary school, bringing needed housing for low-income seniors and breathing new life into the East Macon neighborhood, but for Kesia, this school is special because this is where she went to elementary school.

It is obvious from talking to Kesia that she is good at managing the multiple details of her job, but it is also evident that she is grateful.  Kesia is appreciative and proud of being a part of the work that Stafford Builders does, being a part of a team, and working in an environment that fosters her professional growth.