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Stafford Staff Spotlight: Frank Carson

To say that Frank Carson has it in his blood to work in construction is not an exaggeration. Frank’s dad was in the construction business so that’s what he’s known and been around since a young age. “It’s the only career choice I considered,” he said. This alignment of skills, knowledge and passion has worked out well for Frank and Stafford Builders.

Frank joined Stafford Builders 14 years ago as a superintendent. As he put it, “when I find a job I like, I stick with it.” The duties of a superintendent are part quality control, part project management and part people management. Day to day, Frank supervises the construction of buildings and facilities and ensures that the work is being performed on schedule and in accordance with the contract and specifications. In between, there might be site visits and check-ins with his foremen. “I walk a lot,” he says. He wants to be the best superintendent he can be for his foremen and adds “I give 110%.”

When talking with Frank, it’s clear that he not only enjoys and takes pride in his day-to-day duties but truly values his interactions with fellow men and women. In fact, being able to spend time outdoors and work with people both in the office and at sites is his favorite aspect of his job. “The people I work with are outstanding. They are recognized and highly thought of in our area and industry. Part of my enjoyment is working with and for people of high caliber with high standards.”

Frank doesn’t have a favorite project – maybe that’s like picking a favorite child – because he loves the unique challenges and aspects of every job. While he’s juggled 6 to 7 daily site visits before, these days Frank is staying at one site, the Hunt School Village. There, he is overseeing the construction of three buildings. We can all relate to Frank’s philosophy for finding fulfillment in his work: “I learn something new every day. If you didn’t learn something new, maybe you didn’t work.”

In his spare time, Frank stays busy with his hobbies: fishing, hunting, golf, and perfecting his aim to help with the first two hobbies. He’s married and has 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren.