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Stafford Staff Spotlight: Shawnda S. Chaney

You know the old dilemma, “which comes first, the chicken or the egg?”  The same dynamic works for Stafford Builders.  “What comes first, Mr. Stafford’s buildings or Shawnda S. Chaney’s payroll, bookkeeping and accounting?”

Shawnda S. Chaney has been serving the financial needs of Stafford Builders from the time it was a home-based business.  In those early days of the company, Shawnda would handle the financial needs of the company, which freed Mr. Stafford up to do what he is good at — building quality buildings.

Graduating from Fort Valley State University with a B.A. in Accounting and an M.B.A, Shawnda entered the corporate world working for Ikon Capital, Inc.  While she worked there for two years, she also managed Stafford Builders’ bookkeeping.  Shawnda would often joke with Mr. Stafford asking, “When can I work for you full-time?”  The answer came in 2001; she left the corporate world and started working full-time for Stafford Builders.

Now, Shawnda is entrusted with all the financial responsibilities of Stafford Builders.  Depositing funds, making payments to vendors, payroll, preparing financial, auditing, accounting and tax reports all fall under her direction.  This seems overwhelming, but Shawnda loves it.  It’s with infectious enthusiasm that she talks about numbers and takes delight in making sure everything matches up.

At Stafford Builders, Shawnda enjoys the work she does with numbers, but on a personal level she loves the way she’s able to use her financial gifts to help Stafford’s employees.  Employees may face financial challenges – tax liabilities, garnishments, or other fiscal challenges they may not know how to manage.  Here’s where Shawnda shines.  She takes the time to find out what’s going on, educate them, help them make a plan and reassure them that it’s going to be OK.  This is the sweet spot where Shawnda’s heart and abilities match, serving people with financial tools. It is also a core part of the Stafford culture: Caring about people as well as projects.

While we may not solve the age-old “chicken or egg” question, you can be confident that without the contribution of Shawnda’s financial management, Stafford Builders would not be able to provide the quality construction services their customers have come to expect.