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Now is the Time to Choose a Career in Construction

Careers in the construction trade have always been a popular choice for people who find it rewarding to work with their hands and learn on the job in a non-traditional office environment. In fact, today, more than 7.2 million people in U.S. work in industrial and commercial construction. There is no question that this line of work is absolutely essential to the development of our communities and improvements for existing infrastructure. From churches to doctor’s offices to skyscrapers, you can truly dream and build anything.

In fact, statistics for the construction field are promising, encouraging and show that there is a high demand for this trade. More than 185,000 construction jobs are available for tradesmen every year, with a projected growth rate of 19% through 2018. So, it’s unfortunate that we’ve recently learned that the state of Georgia is facing a skills gap.

According to Go Build Georgia, for every 4 people that retire in this trade, only 1 person steps up to take their place. At Stafford Builders, we hope to change that. We know that great careers don’t always begin with a traditional degree and a 9-to-5 job in a corner office. Hands-on, skills-based work can get you on a path that will reward you personally, professionally and financially for years to come.

We’ve previously covered many of the basics about entering the construction field and want to expand on some of the benefits people often forget. For one, you don’t necessarily need a 4-year degree to work in construction. Graduates of traditional 4-year schools often graduate with plenty of debt—some as high as $25,000—that takes years to pay off. The cost to attend these universities is also climbing every year. For many construction jobs, especially those in the field, an apprenticeship or a technical degree attained in just 2 years is enough to get your foot in the door. Another perk? The average entry-level salary of a tradesman in the construction field is higher than that of a 4-year college graduate. This is a huge opportunity for women and men who are hard-working, dedicated and willing to learn as they go.

Here are just some careers in construction to consider:

  • Carpenter: Builds structures using wood and other materials. This job is ideal for those who like to stay physically active and move around.
  • Millwright: Installs and dismantles machinery used on construction sites. This is a great path for someone who is detail oriented – you’ll need to read lots of instruction manuals!
  • Civil Engineer: Ensures that construction is completed safely, effectively and efficiently. You’ll need to know and be able to apply laws and regulations, observe proper procedures and do extensive planning.

We encourage anyone who’s interested in this field to contact our office to discuss an apprenticeship, internship or another opportunity.