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Leadership: Meekness is Not Weakness

Leadership is essential at the workplace and in life—often inaccurately understood as merely “being in charge,” real leadership is actually more about service. An effective leader cultivates the qualities of encouragement for and inspiration of those around him, employees and clients alike. Humility is an essential quality of an effective leader, but it can be a difficult trait to master. A recent study by the nonprofit think-tank Catalyst defined the qualities of humility as actions:

  • Admitting your mistakes
  • Accepting and learning from criticism and different points of view
  • Seeking contributions from others to overcome limitations

At Stafford Builders, we apply these principles both internally and externally. Whether we are communicating with each other or with a client, we consciously strive to embody humility, because we believe it paves the way to great customer service and long-lasting relationships.

A true leader is not necessarily the smartest person in the room nor the loudest. In fact, he is often the meekest, and he listens more than he speaks. It takes an humble nature to recognize your own blind spots and allow those who serve with you to compensate in those areas where you need it. That shows meekness, not weakness—the kind of humility that inspires those around you to do better and those you serve to place their trust in you with confidence.