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Complete Makeover at Unionville Missionary Baptist Church

A brand new sanctuary with notable upgrades and improvements will soon be unveiled at the The Unionville Missionary Baptist Church.

The facility, which will be completed this year, is located at 3837 Houston Ave in Macon. The Church itself is 151 years old and has been active at this location for the past 21 years. After the 63-year old structure was gutted, only 4 walls remained! The blank slate allowed Stafford to implement an improved design and install a new metal roof and windows.

The brick and stucco exterior will make a striking first impression before members will even enter the church. Stafford made the entrance more inviting and accommodating by adding wheelchair-accessible ramps on either side of the stairs. In addition, a new covered drive-through will allow for convenient drop-offs and pick-ups, especially on those rainy days.

Once inside, members will be greeted with a new front reception and gathering area that was expanded to comfortably fit 125 people. Stafford also added convenient and spacious restroom facilities for women and men.

The sanctuary itself houses an upgraded choir area, platform and podium. And not only does it offer completely new seating, Stafford was also able to increase the seating capacity from 900 to 1,100.

Members of the Unionville Missionary Baptist Church have been worshipping at this location since 1994 under the leadership of Pastor I. Edwin Mack. When asked about what it was like to work with Stafford Builders, Pastor Mack said “Shawn is a man of high integrity when it comes to business. He doesn’t make promises that he can’t keep.” He also added that “never has there been a time when I’ve attempted to reach him with a question that he didn’t make himself accessible and responsive to me.”

Stafford is proud to be a part of this project and is excited to see the congregants gather in their new space. Stay tuned for updates about this project!