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We do business on a first-name basis

When clients call, we answer. And if you’re a Stafford client, you don’t just have our office number and “info@” email—you’ve got our president’s and founder’s personal cell phone number.

I answer my cell phone. Every client I have has my cell phone. If you need me call me; I’m going to answer. It’s important to me because I feel that I should be available to those who are invested in me. When you spend money with this company, you are invested in it, and you should have access to your investment. The fact that I am the owner of the company means I must be available to you. That extra mile—that’s the step we take to set ourselves apart from competitors.— Shawn Stafford, Pres.

Not a client yet? Try emailing Kesia Stafford Admin. Asst, or Shawnda Corp. Sec. — or call us.